When’s the best time to take pictures?

I typically shoot outdoor photos about 1-1.5 hours before sunset. This is considered the Golden Hour. My subjects are illuminated beautifully with a natural, warm glow and the sky is painted with color. This light is the most flattering and creates the most beautiful images. In the summer, I aim to shoot on weekday evenings starting between 6-7:30pm depending on the time of year. In the winter months, we tend to do most of our shoot in-studio, and we aim for late morning or early afternoon for best light. If we have to shoot during the day outdoors (which I try to avoid) we have to work in shady areas or on an overcast day. My studio hours are from 11-4 for studio sessions.

What should I wear?

I love collaborating with families and creating a style that will be unique and flattering, as well as fit your personality. I love styled shoots, so if you are looking for something a little more creative-let me know! Check out my pinterest page here for ideas on clothing for your session. Each session is different, so we will have a consult about a week prior to your scheduled shoot.

Are your prices listed online?

We know that price is one of the top questions people ask us about. We believe that choosing a photographer based on the price can lead to disappointment. We are a custom photography studio, which means we take only select commissions/month so each session has proper time and planning beforehand. I pour my heart into each session and create memories with every family that walks in our doors. Prices are listed on the website and more information can be found by emailing me at:meghanelizabethphotographymn@gmail.com

Do you offer digital images?

All my packages are all-inclusive, so you will receive a download with all of your edited, high-resolution digital images. Each image chosen is creatively edited to put my personal touch on it. Retouching is included. Printing rights are included for these photos. Prints and special photo products are available to purchase on the gallery you will receive as well.

What if my child falls and gets a bump, bruise, scratch?

Often these minor scratches or bruises can be easily edited out. Depending on the location and severity, it may be better to re-schedule. Please contact me if this happens and we will find a solution based on the situation.

How far do you book out?

This really depends on the time of year. It can be weeks or even months out, especially in the Summer, Fall, and before the holidays. I do not work weekends unless I have a scheduled Mini Session Day (Subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the site for these dates). I currently only work 3 days/week in my studio or on location so I can give a personalized experience to all my clients. Newborns should be booked EARLY in your second trimester, but feel free to contact me earlier. Because due dates are not always their birth date, spots do occasionally open up. $50-100 deposit due at time of booking to secure date.

How long does the photo session last?

Most children and family sessions last about 60-70 minutes. Little children don’t last much longer than that. Newborns are at least 2.5-3 hours. Maternity sessions average around 50-60 minutes.

We need to reschedule, what’s your policy?

We would love for you to give us at least a 48 hour notice so we can possibly fill in the time slot with another session, but we understand when something comes up unexpectedly and you need to change your day at the last minute. Your $50 deposit is transferrable to another date, but non-refundable if cancelled altogether. Please re-schedule if you or your child is ill. Since I work with so many babies, I do not want sick children in the studio. This also does not make for a good photography experience with your little one.

What happens if it rains?

Weather is hard to predict (especially in MN!) and if necessary we will reschedule you to another day. I prefer to work with the beautiful golden hours of the sunset, which we cannot capture on a rainy or even overly cloudy day. Wind and extreme heat also play factors in the possibility of rescheduling.

When can I preview my pictures?

It takes about 3 weeks to get through my queue and finish selecting and editing your photos. Galleries will be emailed right away with a secure link and access to print.

Where should I print my pictures?

I recommend printing from my professional site on Smugmug (linked to White House Custom Color, where my computer editing software is calibrated), but if you look elsewhere, I recommend you do NOT use any one hour photo (Walgreens, Costco, Target). They do not have high quality printers, and your photos will not look like they should. I recommend National Camera or Mpix.com for decent quality and affordable prints and products.

Can you remove your watermark from my photos in the facebook gallery?

No. The watermark is for copyright purposes and is an automated action that occurs on the images when we upload them to the gallery.

Will you touch up my photos?

Yes, we do professional retouching on blemishes, dark under eyes, etc. Other than small blemishes and smoothing of certain skin areas, it is your responsibility to tell us what you want and do not want removed, lessened or retouched. We will make note of that on your order. Additional retouch requests outside of our basic edits will be charged an hourly rate and cannot be guaranteed. You are responsible for your clothing and hair choices and we cannot edit out wrinkles, grey hairs, or fix a bad hair day 🙂

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