My Favorite Things!

My Favorite Things!

Here is a list of some of my very favorite photography items that I use in my studio as well as for my in-home studio set-ups.

Backdrop Necessities

Backdrop stand 

Backdrop clips

Backdrop clips


Backdrops and Floor drops-Seamless Paper

Seamless paper-pink 53” width

Seamless paper-pink 86” width

Seamless paper-white 86” width

Seamless paper-white 53” width

Seamless paper-royal blue 53” width

Seamless paper-royal blue 86” width

Seamless paper-light blue 53” width

Seamless paper-light blue 86” width

Seamless paper-thunder grey 53” width

Seamless paper-thunder grey 86” width

Seamless paper-bone 53” width

Seamless paper-bone 86” width

Seamless paper-mocha 53” width

Seamless paper-mocha 86” width

Seamless paper olive green 53” 

Seamless paper olive green 86”

Seamless paper evergreen 53” 

Seamless paper evergreen 86”  

Backdrops and Floor Drops-Patterns/Wood/Floral Backdrops/Floor drops

R2 backdrops

Intuition Backdrops 

AR Backdrops & Props 


Flokati Rug 5×7

Flokati Rug-various sizes/colors

Cream Shag Rug

Luneberry Flokati Rug-best quality for photographers


Stretch Wrap-best for newborns

Stretch Knit Wraps-set of 3 (newborn)

Decorative Cheesecloth Wrap-I typically use for basket or prop stuffer/layers

Rainbow Baby Cheesecloth Layer/Wrap 

Decorative Cheesecloth Wraps-set of 2


Baby Girl/Toddler Headbands-small bow

Floral Headbands 

Floral Headbands 

Bow Headbands-set of 10

Baby Bear Bonnet w/ Stuffie Bear 

Newborn/baby Gown Sleeper w/ Knot + Cap 

Newborn Sleepy Cap-various colors 

Newborn Romper + Sleepy Cap 

Newborn Sleepy Hat with Personalized Name 

Girl Bubble Romper

White Bubble Romper w/ Flutter Sleeves (I have this in my studio and LOVE it)

Girl Ruffle Romper

Girl Ruffle Romper 

Denim Bubble Romper

Romper/Jumpsuit 2-8T Girls

Baby Boy Romper 

Baby Boy Short Sleeve Romper 

Sleeveless Baby Boy Romper 

2T-5T Boy Denim Jeans w/ Suspenders (I use these ALL the time!)

18Mo-5Y Boy Shorts/Suspenders and Shirt Combo 

Pooks and Lulu Baby Outfits, Wraps, Hats, Headbands

Ginger and Pickles Knits

Joyfolie Girls Dresses

Baby/Girls Dress

Baby/Girls Dress

Card Reader

Dual Slot Card Reader for Windows/Mac

Memory Card

Sandisk 64GB Set of 2

Sandisk 64GB


White Bucket Chair w/ Arms (recommended for babies/toddlers)

White Bucket Chair w/o Arms 

Woodsy Wonders Photo Props

Baby Bliss Props 

Custom Photo Props 

Hello Little Props 

Camera lenses

50mm 1.8 for Canon-GREAT prime starter lens

50mm 1.8 for Nikon-GREAT prime starter lens

35mm 1.4 Sigma Art for Canon 

35mm 1.4 Sigma Art for Nikon

Camera body

Canon Rebel t6-great starter DSLR camera 

Toys to grab attention

Fart Gun

Baby Shark Puppet 

Baby Shark Musical Mini Cube Plush 

Hand Clapper 

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